Sales Insanity Webinar

Stop the Sales Insanity:

How 5 Stages can Transform your Sales Force

June 27 at 11a PT | Webinar


In this webinar, Sales Enablement & Training expert Mike Kunkle will address a number of common sales challenges faced by companies across industries, including:

  1. How to decrease new hire ramp-up
  2. How to significantly improve sales force productivity
  3. How to consistently increase quota attainment
  4. How to increase pipeline size and boost pipeline velocity

Mike will do so by outlining the common traps that mid-to-large companies fall into and how they can break free with a straightforward 5-Stage Sales Learning System. He will also discuss how mentoring, coaching, AI and machine learning are playing increasing roles in helping the most successful sales organizations meet their revenue goals.

Tomorrow's L&D

Skills for Tomorrow’s L&D Leaders:

Curator, Digital Librarian, and more…

July 26 at 1p ET | Webinar


Moving to Digital Learning means bringing together all of the changes that we have made in the past decade and bringing learning to the employee in a way that they can absorb it.  This means that the roles of those of us in L&D and Sales Enablement are also changing. There are new ways to deliver the learn, do, share models.

Join David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst for Brandon Hall Group, and Becky Willis from EdCast at they examine the new roles and talk about how to make the transition

Future Learning 2020 Summit

Future Learning 2020 Summit

August 23 – 24, 2017 | Silicon Valley, CA


At the EdCast 3rd Annual Future Learning 2020 Summit, we will feature visionary thinkers who are changing the training and knowledge sharing landscape for the better. The Summit is a fantastic event for senior leaders and executives interested in the changing landscape of training and knowledge-sharing. Click the button below to register for the event!