Brent Streaming Video Webinar

Scale Up Your Learning Efforts With Live Collaborative Streaming Video

WEBINAR | Oct. 25 at 12p PT


For many years our industry has functioned under this premise, “We know that 1:1 training is the most effective method to learn/teach, but that doesn’t scale”. We created elaborate self-paced instructional courses that allowed anyone with a connection and the right computer equipment the ability to learn from an expert. And that worked. For about a decade. The eLearning course solution has been failing companies for many years now. It’s time for something new.

We will talk about several use cases of live streaming video. The technology will be demonstrated from mobile devices and desktop clients. And we will cover the many possibilities of 1:1 training, 1: many training, a community approach to learning, and other solutions that add business value your company leaders will love.

Next Generation LMS: Apps, Authoring and Curation

WEBINAR | Oct. 31 at 12:30p PT


EdCast & Becky Willis understands the need of today’s adult learners to digest learning from mobile devices that provide intelligent curation of personalized learning for each learner or group of learners.

In this session, you will learn:
• The difference between traditional LMS, Learning Experience Platforms and Program Experience Platforms
• How artificial intelligence is necessary to provide personalized learning
• Why being mobile first is paramount to a successful online learning strategy
• How and why subject matter experts need phone based authoring capabilities
• Why it is important to analyze and identify the people in your association that are most acknowledged and best connected influencers

Webinar Culture of Curiosity

How to Build a Culture of Curiosity

WEBINAR | Nov. 2 at 3p IST


Join us for this webinar led by Abhijit Bhaduri, acclaimed author, and Becky Willis, VP of Enterprise Engagement at EdCast to delve into how to create a culture of curiosity for your organization.

According to the World Economic Forum, five years from now, over one-third of skills (35%) that are considered important in today’s workforce will have changed. Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Creativity are the top three skills needed in the workplace by 2020. Humans will have to stay curious to stay ahead of the machines. What can organizations do to build a culture of curiosity? Why does curiosity matter even more? What can the individual do to be curious and stay curious?

Webinar LMS AI Personalized Learning

Smarter Than LMS: How AI Measurably Improves Learning Experience and Impact

WEBINAR | Nov. 15 at 1p ET


Traditional LMSs aren’t known for elegant user experience design. That’s because they were developed as administrative tools to support mandated workplace compliance training. Today’s learners expect more. That’s where artificial intelligence can make a meaningful difference.  Join John Leh of Talented Learning and the EdCast team to find out how AI can help you provide learning that is more personal, memorable and valuable for participants, as well as your organization.