The best Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) RFP template to empower your digital transformation team to make the right choice

– 50+ categories of functional requirements

– A 360-degree checklist for Data Security and Incident Management

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MyGuide: Digital Adoption Platform

  • To aid your decision-making, we’ve talked with top HR & IT professionals, as well as digital transformation leaders, to compile this comprehensive list of needs that will ensure you’re covered not just for today, but for all of your future enterprise DAP needs.


  • This RFP Template Covers a comprehensive set of checklists of DAP functional requirements, data security and incident management overview, and training requirements.


  • Leverage a unified technology and process adoption platform to deploy new apps, onboard new employees, or rollout process changes quickly and easily using MyGuide.

Prioritize all must-have capabilities for your L&D Tech Stack

50+ Categories of Functional Requirements

Software Onboarding
Easy Guide Creation
Integrated Surveys
Multi-Language Guides
User Behavior Insights
Vendor Support

A Comprehensive Checklist for Data Security, Recovery, and Incident Management.

Data Protection
Data Segregation
Incident Reports
Disaster Recover
Data Security Standard Compliance

Get the most comprehensive RFP template for your DAP requirement.