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The manufacturing industry is changing rapidly.
Is your team keeping up?

There’s a skills gap challenge with more than 75% of U.S manufacturers reporting a shortage of skilled workers.

Source: Accenture Manufacturing Skills and Training Study, 2014

Manufacturers facing reduced earnings of up to 11%, due to increased production costs, are looking for ways to reduce investments in other areas.

Source: Accenture Manufacturing Skills and Training Study, 2014

Companies must close the skills gap with proper training programs tailored to Millenials in order to succeed.

Companies can reduce costly field training through smart use of online and mobile learning and by utilizing new technologies such as live streaming.

Solve the key business challenges facing your teams

Sales enablement

Your sales team needs daily access to product, market and competitive knowledge to stay competitive.

Customer service

Your customer service reps need to learn from SMEs and from their peers to reduce customer attrition, close tickets faster, and to onboard new team members faster.

Customer and partners

Your clients and partners need to be educated about your products and services to engage with you and make informed decisions.

Field operations

Your staff needs just-in-time and real-time learning in the field to maintain safety, quality and efficiency on the shop floor.


Your new team members need to reduce their learning curve significantly so they can hit the ground running faster and reduce cost.

Digital transformation

Taking your business digital is a strategic imperative and daily knowledge networking is the only insurance to not getting disrupted.

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