Welcome to EdCast

It is our mission to empower employees within their own working environment. We hereby support them to explore and unlock their full potential.

How we accomplish that? Simply by leveraging the power and beauty of learning and education opportunities. We are determined to disrupt and transform the way people learn within the workspace globally.

Let the journey begin.

Empowering Employees

That is why EdCast built the Learning Experience Platform, where knowledge and learning meet in one place, allowing workforces to explore, gain knowledge and build successful career paths.

If you are unreasonable enough to believe that you can make a meaningful impact on the way learning is perceived within organizations, you came into the right place.


How we Work: Our Values

Are you ready to get to know us better and discover how we work at EdCast? How do we make things happen? Keep going, we are always looking for people with a curious mind like you.


Active & Proactive

We do not sit and wait for things to fall into our lap. We believe in the value of what we build. That is why we work at a frenetic pace with ambitious deadlines. We try to act and respond fast. It is all about DOING things. So, we try things; we fix them; we eventually succeed; and we are proud of our work.



Pragmatic but Optimistic

We are all about taking risks,  so we know we can experience failure. So what? Isn't success also built from failure? We believe failing is a natural process: an opportunity to grow, learn and improve. We are made of resilience and reinvention. We always pick ourselves up and we go out there again.


Committed & Accountable

We are passionate, loyal and committed to our mission. We believe in EdCast, and we grow together day by day. We feel as being part of something bigger. Why? Because EdCast stimulates ownership and accountability.



Collaborative- we are one EdCast

Our people and our colleagues matter. We embrace our own differences: our multiculturalism and diversity, the knowledge coming from diverse schools and our different thoughts. We collaborate and complement each other. That is the reason why we succeed. We are one EdCast.

Join our Growing Company

Whether you are starting your career, looking for a new challenge or wanting to bring your seniority onboard, you must know beforehand that you are about to join a truly passionate global team, hungry to continuously be a game-changer in the way learning is perceived within organizations.

At EdCast our people learn in the flow of work. We are empowered, we evolve, live and breathe learning: we Meta-learn. Do you want to influence other organizations to do the same with us?


Start your Journey

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