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Webinar: Learning Efforts With Live Collaborative Streaming Video

Brent Streaming Video Webinar

WEBINAR – Scale Up Your Learning Efforts With Live Collaborative Streaming Video

For many years our industry has functioned under this premise, “We know that 1:1 training is the most effective method to learn/teach, but that doesn’t scale”. We created elaborate self-paced instructional courses that allowed anyone with a connection and the right computer equipment the ability to learn from an expert. And that worked. For about a decade. The eLearning course solution has been failing companies for many years now. It’s time for something new.

  • Date and Time: Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost: $0 (Free)

Live streaming video is not necessarily new. However, the ability for anyone with a connected device to live stream video is. Live streaming video offers immediate, real time, instruction as well as feedback. It’s the one solution that can truly scale up the efforts of subject matter experts and help training departments deliver learning solutions at the speed of business.
We will talk about several use cases of live streaming video. The technology will be demonstrated from mobile devices and desktop clients. And we will cover the many possibilities of 1:1 training, 1: many training, a community approach to learning, and other solutions that add business value your company leaders will love.
Join Brent Schlenker, Director Enterprise Solutions at EdCast, in this lively conversation as we explore the future of live collaborative streaming video.

  • Why did live video streaming become possible so fast?
  • How mobile Live streaming enhances Sales Enablement/onboarding
  • How mobile Coaching integrates into Management/Leadership programs
  • Learn about the difference between Live streaming and Webinars
  • What skills are needed to create effective live streaming videos?
  • What use cases are best suited for live streaming video as a learning solution

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Brent Schlenker has over 20 years of experience in the Training, and L&D industries. He’s built and re-built training organizations, and developed innovative technology based learning solutions across all departments within small, medium, and large corporate structures.
Over the last 15 years Brent built his career as an industry leader through blogging, speaking at industry events, and promoting eLearning through social media channels and hosting the first daily collaborative live streaming online chat, TLDChat. After becoming the face of DevLearn and building up its programming from 2008 to 2012, he moved on to continue learning more about the L&D industry and experience it from other perspectives.
He joined the Litmos team in April 2014 as the Chief Learning Strategist, and in 2017 became Director Enterprise Solutions for a new 21st century learning experience platform called EdCast.
Prior to discovering his passion for technology-based learning, he worked in video production as a producer for a local Arizona NBC affiliate. This early interest for video production paved the way for his leadership in the fast paced world of online live streaming video productions.
He also holds a BA in Media Arts and an M.Ed. in Educational Media and Computers.

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