EdCast cracks the code on skilling: The Skills Framework

Today there is lots of talk about the Future of Work.  The speed of change dictates that we develop an agile workforce that has easy access to the ability to upskill and reskill. Enterprises today need to upskill their workforce for the new roles and reskill those in disappearing roles. A daunting task involves identifying skills, mapping job families and finding solutions.

EdCast’s leading Learning Experience Platform (LXP) makes curating, finding and applying knowledge easy with a consumer user experience on the web or on mobile.  The LXP enables detailed analytics to track and manage learners with data that helps develop, measure and see the effectiveness. All with the aid of advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

And now EdCast is enabling enterprises to identify and address skill gaps with our Skills Framework.  Using industry data from sources like EMSI and Burning Glass, EdCast fills the cycle of skills with a framework that we have built with our customers and experts.

The EdCast Skills Framework

There are 5 points of focus on the new framework.  Each addresses the need to provide managers and employees with the tools to fill skills gaps and achieve their goals.

01 Skills Directory

Based on our Skills Taxonomy, the directory quickly shows the skills needed for thousands of job families and breaks each down to content to build that skill.  Our powerful AI and ML curate the content in the LXP to focus the learning and knowledge.

02 Skills Graph

Based on activity within the LXP, we create a dynamic heat map of the knowledge users are building and who is interested in specific topics.

03 Skills Passport

Each user has an aggregated transcript of all completed badges, content, assignments and skill areas that can be used for managers and to build dynamic teams.

04 Skills Assessment

Starting with a self-assessment, users can rate themselves on a spider chart (Skills Map) of their top six skills (Blooms Taxonomy) that can be validated with badges. Peer and expert ratings are following for a full 360-degree assessment.

05 Career Advisor

Starting with top technical skills of the future and working with EMSI, we have built an engine to take employees from their current role to their next role by showing the career path and assignments needed.

These elements are also joined by our existing Skill Coins feature which brings a universal wallet to buy content using our virtual currency.

Enterprises today are challenged to meet skill gaps efficiently. They need to identify the gaps, build the career paths, build solutions to address the gaps and measure the effectiveness.

We work with our customers as well as experts in HR and L&D, to address how we can enhance our world-class Learning Experience Platform with the tools to make the shift to the future of work easier.

Employees experience “5 Moments of need” as a part of the Future of Work.  These address when and how an employee experiences the need for knowledge or skill-building. The employee experience varies from new, deep, fast, change and move: describing when or how they need knowledge.  EdCast addresses each need with tools to build, create and share knowledge where and when they need it so that employees can work smarter.

We have all seen how expensive it can be to not address upskilling your workforce.  In today’s fast pace, we need to find, address and measure skills. The EdCast Skills Framework puts the tools in the right hands at the right time to bring your employees to the Future of Work.

Building skills and upskilling involves building knowledge and learning, which we address in the LXP.  Now we help to assess the need, identify the right skills, build knowledge and measure it all.

Award-winning Employee Experience.