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Digital Disruption & Learning Fueled by AI

Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption & Learning Fueled by AI

Coming from many years in L&D and Sales Enablement,  I have spent many hours creating, curating and searching for good stuff.
Today, we all are overwhelmed by too much content and too little time.  We need tools to help find, filter and blend content that is relevant and timely.  This is one of the key areas that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help.  
First of all, let’s put a consumer lens on AI to provide a reference point for all of us.  When you shop on Amazon, play music on Pandora or select a video on Netflix, AI is running in the background helping to find, filter and deliver content that’s personalized for you.  All of these great tools learn what you like and react to that growing database, learning as it grows.  All of them process queries using Natural Language Programming.  “Hey Siri, what is the weather?”
Learners today expect this type of user interface.  They want an easy way to gain knowledge, get answers and, ultimately, learn.  They want, even need, that consumer experience.  EdCast delivers that experience and more.  

EdCast and AI

EdCast is an award-winning,  AI-powered knowledge cloud for unified discovery, knowledge management and personalized learning. EdCast aggregates and curates over 10,000 pieces of content/day using AI.  Customers can set parameters and refine the scope of the search.  And these tasks are performed in the background to learn what each learner and each company wants/needs. EdCast applies deep AI knowledge in three key areas:

Discovery:  One key to digital learning success is finding the right answers anywhere, anytime.  EdCast solves the discovery dilemma with broad search APIs that use AI.  That solves the Moment of Need.  Then, the designer or curator can build from there to increase engagement.

Curation:  I believe Curation is both an art and a science and AI truly helps on the science piece.  The AI behind EdCast curates external, internal, formal, and informal content and a way that’s contextualized to the relevant topics.  

Relevance: Google search is a great way to find things.  EdCast’s AI betters that traditional route by incorporating learning topic parameters specific to each customer and/or learner.  EdCast takes millions pieces of content down to a configurable number 5 pieces of relevant material to fit a learner’s daily learning needs.  EdCast provides more than just Moment of Need content, it delivers content a learner wants to learn, driving  continuous learning habit with aspirational learning, enabling a learner’s skill and knowledge for the  future.

All on an easy to use platform.  

Breakthrough Technology, delivering great user experience

EdCast provides the user experience for employees to want to use the system to drive continuous learning.  The AI-powered software reacts to actions of the user, learning habits.
We also use AI to help with virtual coaching, voice commands, and dynamically building pathways, as well as curation, aggregation, and personalization.  

Why now?

There is no denying the digital learning revolution.  Our job as learning professionals is to adapt and learn the new skills to make it work for the learner.  With EdCast’s AI, we can:

  • Make discovery easy
  • Promote continuous learning
  • Recognize and share skills and expertise
  • Drive usage with great user experiences
  • Aggregate and curate overload of content – anytime, anywhere

What are your thoughts on these topics? We’d enjoy hearing them and discussing with you and your organization further. Email us at

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