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Reimagining Employee Experience (EX) for Remote-First Culture

By Boshra Miarkiani | April 17, 2020

Reimagining Employee Experience (EX) for Remote-First Culture


Employers and employees are struggling to maintain productivity and efficiency during these challenging times. In this video Karl Mehta, EdCast founder and CEO, discusses how organizations can enable their team to continue to perform to their full potential by improving the employee experience (EX). He highlights the following aspects:

  • The economic impact of poor employee and learner experience
  • The importance of improving the employee experience lifecycle
  • Providing access to relevant content and knowledge in the Flow of Work
  • The significance of self and peer assessments and evaluation of skills
  • The Future of Work framework



To find out more about how enterprises are enhancing their employee experience with EdCast, email us at marketing@edcast.com. We are happy to schedule a call and answer your remote work and virtual learning questions.


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