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Make Every Individual a Contributor to Create a High-Performance Organization

No matter where your learning content or knowledge might be, EdCast helps your learners discover and use it.

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EdCast aggregates all your knowledge and learning content including from your LMS, intranet, external providers, your subject matter experts, and your team's preferred web-based content resources.

Curate & Create

EdCast's Machine Learning curation engine ensures that only the highest quality, most relevant and contextual content is presented to your team.



EdCast's AI-based targeting engine learns about your team members and their preferences -- and then makes continuous content and learning recommendations, which can be accessed directly where they are working (MS Teams, Slack, Salesforce et al).

Learn & Guide

Facilitate application usage with step-by-step guides (for web, mobile and desktop apps). Offer click-by-click direction with graphics, video and audio. Understand app usage with analytics. Drive adoption and ROI with push notification and in-app guides.

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Drive employee productivity with automation. Automate app workflows flawlessly with MyGuide. Reduce the number of clicks by 90% and auto-fill forms with data. Each guide is automatically enabled for automation.


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Our Customers Love Us

Manisha Singh

The EdCast platform has, indeed, been a transformational product, encouraging higher adoption of learning through a great user experience. These capabilities are precisely what enable learning to create an impact for the business at the individual and organizational level.

Manisha Singh

Director of HR Systems, Schneider Electric

Anand Mathur_2

At IIFL, we had embarked on a digital learning journey much earlier, in line with  the vision of our Chairman Mr. Nirmal Jain. At a moment in time, when we were wanting to accelerate and take our employee learning experience to a different level, is when we were introduced to the Learning Experience Platform of Edcast.  

Under the banner of Moneyversity, this has helped us to create and nurture an environment of not just collaborative and social learning, but also draw the power of high quality learning content available in the worldwide web, under the defined curation norms of the organization. This is indeed a step towards a revolutionary learning experience, and we are excited to be partnered with Edcast in this digital journey. 

Anand Mathur

Head of Human Resources, IIFL Group

Amit Aggarwal

As future technologies threaten to transform society, India is poised at the dawn of a new era, wherein the urgency to up/reskill talent at scale is paramount. The path we tread hereon will define the Digital Dividend as an asset or a liability. Through our FutureSkills initiative (powered by EdCast, a great partner to power our AI-first and mobile-first industry learning ecosystem), we stand committed to industry, academia and the nation of India toward developing a future-ready workforce.


Amit Aggarwal

CEO & Co-Architect of FutureSkills, NASSCOM

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 4.18.50 PM

At NSE Academy, our vision is to equip learners with future-ready skills that bridge the learning to earning continuum. It is our constant endeavor to encourage a culture of active learning and create a community of lifelong learners.  EdCast is the perfect partner to power our AI-first and mobile-first learning ecosystem, NSE Knowledge Hub, which democratizes access to learning by bringing global content and subject matter experts closer to learners, as per their choice, on-demand and on the go.

Abhilash Misra

Chief Executive Officer, NSE Academy Ltd.

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 4.29.45 PM

EdCast empowers the leaders for tomorrow to transform their repertoire of skills and influence the way the organizations think, thus reinforcing their competitive edge in a rapidly-changing talent environment.

Sukhjit S. Pasricha

Senior EVP and Group CHRO, Kotak Mahindra Bank


EdCast has been the catalyst to enable the digital transformation and acceleration of personalized learning at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. EdCast’s solution has brought the power of search, content curation and access to subject matter experts as well as social learning to life for our people around the world with recognized relevance and impact.

Adrian Stevens

VP of Leadership & Professional Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

EdCast is a smart platform that allows building a culture of continuous learning by combining learning needs with member goals, interests and career aspirations. Learning is truly made easy with EdCast – a one-stop-shop for all learning across internal and external sources, including both company-sponsored and free content sources.

Amit Prakash

Chief Human Resource Officer, Marico Limited

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 1.54.04 PM

Etisalat’s partnership with EdCast has been about more than the delivery of world-class learning technology. The team behind the scenes is passionate pioneers of the industry and want to bring about real change for our company. Everyone is talking about Digital Transformation, while EdCast is actually delivering it. The blueprint for successful organizational learning has evolved and, thanks to EdCast, so has our learning strategy for our multicultural and multigenerational workforce.

Joseph S. Hayes

Director of Learning & Development Planning, Etisalat

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"EdCast #1 (LXP Platform)... This is a very robust NexGen LXP, that will deliver what you want. Playlists are very good, strong content marketplace, lots of API integrations..."

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