Webinar: Digitizing HR & IT Workflows to Unlock Employee Productivity

We’ve all been reading about how digitizing enterprise workflows delivers great experiences and unlocks productivity for the employees and the entire organization. But how can your organization meet these goals quickly, easily and without disruption?

Come join us for a webinar on Wed., Apr. 24 at 11a PT / 2p ET for an interactive discussion about how enterprises are doing so in 4 straightforward steps.  Specifically, the webinar will focus on:

  1. What specifically does it mean to take traditional, step-by-step processes and streamline them in to efficient digitized workflows
  2. How this workflow digitization process can streamline both HR and IT efforts, resulting in big enhancements to employee experiences and productivity
  3. How an integrated Learning Experience Platform (LXP) can efficiently facilitate workflow digitization for HR and IT teams with minimal disruption
  4. How ServiceNow and EdCast are delivering Training & Learning in the Flow of Work solutions to its customers and partners, fulfilling the vision outlined by Josh Bersin here: Learning In The Flow Of Work: Arriving Now

This information-packed webinar will be led by Deepak Bharadwaj, VP & GM, HR Product Line at ServiceNow, Philip Levinson, VP, Marketing at EdCast, Michael Khait, CTO at EdCast. The recording and presentation will be made available to all registrants.

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