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Need some help with EdCast? Check out our Knowledge base for set-up guides, feature release notes, and troubleshooting articles.

If you need additional assistance, please fill out the ticket form or email us directly at and we will assist you as soon as possible.

For the standard service level agreement (SLA) technical support is provided during business days/business hours. Higher SLA can be agreed upon request.

Standard business hours:
Working days and hours: Monday – Friday from 9:00 A.M until 5 P.M PST

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Please allow 24-48 hours for our response while we review your ticket.

Knowledge Base (FAQ’S)

Getting Started:

Q1. How do I add the EdCast Zoom App to my Zoom Account?

Ans. You can add the EdCast Zoom App by either searching the Zoom Marketplace, or by following our user guide docs at

Q2. Who Has Access to the EdCast Zoom App?

Ans. While anyone can add the EdCast App, in order to utilize the EdCast platform, you will need an EdCast enterprise account. 

What Can I Do with the EdCast Zoom App and How Do I Use it?

There are 3 key capabilities provided in the EdCast app for Zoom today:

Q1.Learner Dashboard” – The Learner Dashboard provides learners with easy access to their upcoming assignments, AI-recommended learning content, social learning feed, notifications, and more

Ans. To access the Learner Dashboard, simply open the “Apps” section inside Zoom and select “EdCast”. Then, you will need to complete a one-time login to your EdCast instance. If you need help logging in to your company’s EdCast instance, please contact your company’s EdCast administrator, open a support ticket, or send an email to “”

Q2. “During the Meeting Insights” – While you are in a Zoom meeting, you can invoke the EdCast app in order to receive content recommendations related to your meeting.

Ans. To access “During the Meeting Insights”, while you are in a Zoom meeting, simply open the “EdCast” app. You will then see EdCast content recommendations appear on the side of the meeting. Content recommendations are surfaced based on the title of the Zoom meeting. Users also have the ability to explicitly search EdCast for content from the EdCast Search Bar.

Q3. “Upcoming Meetings Insights” – Based on your upcoming meetings in your Zoom calendar, you will receive content recommendations to help you prepare

Ans(i). If you have an upcoming meeting scheduled within Zoom, you will be provided with content related to the topic of the meeting to add additional material for you to reference.

Ans(ii). The content recommendations will be surfaced inside your Learner Dashboard (see #1)


Q1. What should I do if I can’t log in? 

Ans. Please first try resetting your password. If that doesn’t work, please create a support ticket above or reach out to our support team directly at

Q2. The EdCast Zoom App doesn’t include all the features that I see on a standard browser?

Ans. This is intentional, however we are continuing to enhance the experience on the Zoom App.