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At the EdCast Future Learning 2020 Summit, visionary thinkers spoke who are changing the training and knowledge sharing landscape for a better future. The summit was a fantastic event for senior leaders interested in the changing landscape of training and knowledge sharing. The summit explored the lifelong learning arc, and the role of networks and community in that journey. This all-star cast is one of the best collections of thought-leaders in the corporate learning industry ever put togther in one event!








We will be addressing the issues you are facing today to prepare for tomorrow.














Thursday, OCT. 13

The Future of Work is Now
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Jason Averbook, Author and Consultant
The future of work is here today and how we spend each and every second of our work and personal lives are bleeding together at warp speed. While these changes create uncertainty about us as people, they create amazing new opportunities for us as knowledge professionals to create, deploy and fuel workforces around the world with the kinds of content and experience their brains are thirsting for based on what they know and see as consumers. Jason hosts a fun and interactive session as he talks about these trends, what organizations should be doing about them and how developing a digital HR and Knowledge Strategy is more important than ever.

Reimagining Education in the Workplace with the MicroMasters
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Lee Rubenstein, Vice President of Business Development, EdX
The revolution in education continues apace as edX explores the new world of ‘unbundled’ learning in the corporate space. Lee will examine how new education models like MicroMasters allow for flexible credentials for aspiring and working professional and why these innovative online credentials matter. With accessible, flexible and accelerated online learning, professionals can now reskill and upskill with world class content at next to zero cost.

Friday, OCT. 14

Opening Session
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Dr. Mukesh Aghi, President, US India Business Council
A conversation with Rob Nail (CEO of Singularity University) on the topic of how exponential technologies can empower us to solve the global grand challenges.

What is BrilliantYOU?
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Paul Fama, Global Learning Leader, GE
Learn about GE’s vision of informal (and formal) learning and get a sneak peek at their BrilliantYOU initiative.

Mike Pino, Digital Learning and Technology Leader, GE
Learning Leaders Panel
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Martha Soehren, CTDO, Comcast
Join our panel of amazing learning leaders and get a glimpse of the latest learning hacks they are using to supercharge employee development and engagement in their organizations.

Brenda Sugrue, CLO, EY
Michele Parks, VP of Talent Management, Cox
Mary Francone, Principal, Branch Learning Dev, Edward Jones
Moderator: Richard Hodgins, CTO, Intuition Publishing
A New Paradigm for Performance
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Rahul Varma, CLO, Accenture
Accenture is one of the most innovative and admired global organizations. Learn how they are disrupting their own preconceptions of learning and performance.

Corporate Learning has a Serious Discovery Problem
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Eric Bruner, CTO, GP Strategies
The corporate learning industry is going through another transition, it’s hot right now. New technologies, business models, moocs, creation tools, and content providers are finding success, fame and even a little money. But as a technology and an industry, learning has failed at connecting employees with the right piece of content in a dynamic and efficient way. What can we do about it?

Amar Dhaliwal, CMO, EdCast
The Future of Learning
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Josh Bersin, Principal & Founder, Bersin by Deloitte
Discussing the latest industry trends about corporate learning and what we can expect in the near future.

90% of organizations surveyed by MIT and Deloitte anticipate their industries will be totally disrupted by digital trends.

Josh gives an amazing presentation discussing the coming changes to the traditional learning and development industry.

Creating a Culture of Learning
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Kevin Oakes, CEO and Founder, i4cp
A workplace in which learning is a valued way of life, knowledge is readily shared, and performance steadily improves is the vision that drives companies to establish and expand cultures of learning. Research reveals that robust learning cultures drive business results; however, only 31% of organizations have well- developed learning cultures. Explore how to create a culture of learning, focusing on these key questions:

  • What are the traits of a learning culture?
  • What are examples of learning cultures in specific companies?
  • How can L&D professionals help create and maintain a culture of learning?
Learning Success Stories
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Cathy Herbert, Dir. of Field Enablement, Dell EMC
Everyday learning professionals are driving change, helping people grow and development, and in some cases protecting our very planet. We have four stories are sure to inform and inspire.

Chandrika Bahadur, President, SDG Academy
Eric Vettel, President, American Energy Society
Moderator: Daniel McKelvey, VP of Enterprise Solutions, EdCast
Measuring the Impact of Informal Learning & Knowledge Networks
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Laurent Balague, CEO and Founder, Formetris
How will this investment in informal learning impact my business? It’s the $64M question asked every day across the world. Fortunately, Laurent Balague has some answers.

Advancing Contextual Learning
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Mani Gopalakrishnan, Former Digital Learning Leader, GE
The combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and data science has profound implications for advancing corporate learning. Want to know more?

What’s Going on in the EdCast Labs?
Session Available Upon Request
Michael Khait, VP of Engineering, EdCast
We’ve let our developers out from their super secret underground lair and asked them to share some of the exciting new projects they are working on. Come and get a sneak peek of what’s coming soon.

Kalpit Jain, VP of Mobile, EdCast



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