Integrating EdCast with SAP SuccessFactors

Technical white paper


EdCast offers an easy way to integrate your SuccessFactors LMS with EdCast’s core learning experience (LXP) platform. The integration between SuccessFactors and EdCast is supported out of the box.


How does EdCast integrate with SuccessFactors?

EdCast offers a seamless experience to access SuccessFactors content from the LXP platform using a pre-built connector. The integration between SuccessFactors and EdCast entails the following steps:

  • Connect SuccessFactors completion data with the EdCast Learning Record Store (LRS), which can be done by utilizing an xAPI connection

  • Single sign-on for users to access the content in SuccessFactors–this can be done using SAML 2.0 along with a simple metadata and certificate exchange

  • Compliance and noncompliance-driven learning content from SuccessFactors are both easily integrated into EdCast’s LXP

How do I surface the SuccessFactors catalog in EdCast?

The content catalog can be integrated and shared with EdCast either by uploading course catalog metadata via a CSV or by using EdCast’s pre-built SuccessFactors connector and using the following SuccessFactors credentials:

  • Host URL
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Company ID
  • Company Name
  • User ID

How will users seamlessly access SuccessFactors content without friction?

EdCast integrates with SuccessFactors such that it is easy for the user to consume and maintain. To ensure this frictionless experience, single sign-on needs to be enabled between EdCast and SuccessFactors.

The preferred method of setting up single sign-on is using SAML 2.0 . Other methods of SSO are also supported. Once SSO has been set up, the integration to the SuccessFactor catalog can be enabled.


What else do I need to do to finalize my integration with SuccessFactors?

As a final step, it is important to connect SuccessFactors completion data with the EdCast Learning Record Store which can be done by the utilizing SuccessFactors xAPI. SuccessFactors supports xAPIs and the xAPI functionality should be enabled on SuccessFactors. If teams can’t enable the xAPI on SuccessFactors for business reasons, they can work with the implementation team at EdCast to create a bridge between SuccessFactors and the EdCast LRS so that user completion data can be tracked and surfaced in the EdCast Platform.



Do I need to integrate with the LRS if my company has set up its own LRS?

No. If a company has an existing LRS, then EdCast can be setup to integrate with the customer’s LRS.


Why do I need to send completion data to EdCast?

Only with the completion data can the user be informed of all the learning content that they have spent time on in one centralized location. Hence, its recommended to have completion data sent over to EdCast.


How frequently does the SuccessFactors get updated on EdCast?

The catalog gets updated every 24 hours. This is the default setting, but can be customized to a customers need.

The SuccessFactors HCM integration with EdCast’s core Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is automatically supported, out of the box. No additional customization needed.

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