Charles Jennings Webinar

The Democratization of Knowledge and Learning

Charles Jennings, the Co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute and a visionary in the corporate learning space, will join Karl Mehta, the Founder & CEO of EdCast, Founder of Code for India, and noted Silicon Valley entrepreneur, to provide incredibly valuable insights regarding the future of corporate learning, which will include these key topical points:

  • “What got us here won’t get us there” research by the Corporate Executive Board
  • The world of information abundance challenging existing learning practices
  • The 5 characteristics displayed by high performers
  • How to unlock internal knowledge
  • The benefits of the Democratization of Expertise
Sales Enablement Webinar

Why Your Sales Ramping is Way Too Slow — and How to Accelerate It

In this webinar, we discussed the typical traps that sales organizations fall into that lead to slower-than-expected ramping of their sales efforts. These challenges included:

  1. Initial and ongoing training of sales team members
  2. Asynchronous sales education processes
  3. Rapidly-changing market and product environments
  4. Diffuse and varying sales efforts involving communications, presenting and demonstrating on behalf of the company

We also reviewed tools and methods that companies are using to overcome these challenges along with specific, real-world examples

Webinar Future Workplace Content

Why Content Fails: Designing the Learner’s Experience


Are the engagement and satisfaction levels of your learners below expectations? If so, then putting the learner journey where it belongs — in the center of your strategies — is likely to be the solution. In this information-rich webinar, Amar Dhaliwal, Chief Evangelist at EdCast, will lay out the challenges, opportunities, technologies and suggested tactics to building experiences that your learners will love — and will also leverage your learning investment for measurable success.

Brandon Hall Webinar

Solving the Content Discovery Problem


Learning & Development leaders are under pressure to provide value and results, but remain at a loss for a single solution to act as a Netflix of Learning. David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, hosts the webinar on solving the content discovery problem with EdCast.

Watershed Webinar

Personalized Learning Flips the Traditional L&D Model


In this webinar, we will discuss how personalization technology is changing the traditional approach of Learning and Development programs. There is a lot to cover but it is an exciting topic about how HR departments are flipping the script on how they train employees and share knowledge within their companies.

Josh Bersin Webinar

Nearing the End of the Learning Management System:
What’s Next?


The world of digital learning has arrived. In this webinar, hosted by EdCast, Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP explores the changing role of the LMS, discussed whether LMS systems are becoming marginalized, and what is coming next. He includes examples of new digital learning experiences and a roadmap for digital learning for the future.

Bersin and EMC

Get ahead, the next evolution of learning content


VP of learning development Dani Johnson and Sr. Manager of Education Technology Ed Bell address the key trends reshaping content formats and how organizations adopt new ways of creating and delivering content.


Get success with informal learning


EdCast teamed up with Forrester Principal Analyst, Claire Schooley and GE Digital Learning Leader to discuss new approaches to learning.


Creating effective learning for Millenials


The responsibilities of the Chief Learning Officer have changed dramatically. Check out our White Paper exploring the evolution of learning and the rise of informal learning.


Powering learning for those who need it most


HP Life leveraged EdCast’s user-centric approach to surround their community of more than 500,000 learners with a fully integrated experience for informal and formal learning.