EdCast with Cisco Webex

Revolutionary Employee Experience

Revolutionary employee experience (EX) focuses on enhancing teamwork and productivity. Several notable research studies indicate that meetings have the potential to drain energy from employees and hinder productivity, even while they are essential to collaboration within and across teams. COVID-19 amplified the challenges associated with hybrid and remote workforces.

EdCast's integration with Webex can help boost productivity by helping enhance preparation before the meeting, insights during the meeting, and follow-up after the meeting.

Key Moments Of Need

Complete lifecycle employee experience from hire to retire.


Before the meeting

  • Prepare the topic.
  • Prepare the agenda
  • Prepare for attendees
  • Prepare for outcomes you desire


During the meeting

  • Address questions raised in time
  • Domain specific and relevant data
  • Specialized, expert and internal insights
  • Collaboration and skill building in the flow of work


After the meeting

  • Supporting resources and notes
  • Relevant smartcards, sources and references
  • Assign, share, comment, collaborate
  • Highly flexible and customizable workflow
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