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EdCast Knowledge Cloud

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LXP For Enterprises

Connect your users to all the top learning content and let them learn in the flow of work. Machine learning automatically aggregates all content and continually targets your users with relevant learning recommendations.

  • Machine learning curation for all content

  • Content aggregation for personal learning plans

  • Detailed reporting and analytics

  • Gamification element to drive engagement

Learning Solution Marketplace

You get the ability to easily plan, run and deliver enterprise training programs with a broad selection of premade courses, courseware, eLearning, exams, and other learning solutions and a global pool of trainers and subject matter experts.

  • Manage content vendors in one place

  • Find and book instructors worldwide

  • Get access to business simulations

  • Plan and run classroom trainings

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Asset 10

In-App Guides For Enterprise Productivity

Help users perform tasks and learn workflows through in-app step-by-step guidance. Make use of out of the box tutorials for all your enterprise software solutions and workforce productivity tools without the need to write a single line of code.

  • Drive sales and employee productivity and closure

  • App intelligence & UI automation

  • Report on app, page, and feature usage

  • 100% auto creation of guides

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