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EdCast’s marketing department provides market development funds (MDF) to channel/alliance/affiliate/training service provider (TSP) partners to support their outreach for lead generation.


Partners are selected based on their online and offline marketing capabilities for outreach to potential market segments that EdCast’s marketing division is interested in developing each year.

EdCast, in its sole discretion, will inform the partner about its eligibility to receive MDF funds and a specific, pre-approved amount for the year based on the targeted number of leads that will be delivered and cost-per-lead (CPL) benchmarked based on price-per-lead generated from other channels.


Partners may deploy various marketing activities -- i.e., digital marketing, outbound calling, etc. -- to generate leads for EdCast. However, our MDF program will not pay for any activity -- only for the resulting leads that are generated. Given the global nature of our operations, it is hard for us to benchmark the cost, efficacy and value of various specific outreach programs and activities. Consequently, EdCast’s MDF program solely focuses on pay-for-performance criteria based on actual qualified leads received that are actionable. EdCast’s marketing team will determine, in its sole discretion, if the leads generated meet our sales qualified lead (SQL) and benchmarked price criteria for each lead, which will yield compensation value ranging from $500 to $1200 per SQL. Each year, EdCast will continue to benchmark its cost and value generated from other channels and adjust the Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) framework for the MDF program accordingly each year.


Partners are required to use EdCast landing page forms for their various marketing activities, so the leads are directly captured and tracked via EdCast’s marketing automation system-- PARDOT--and then added to our sales and customer relationship management system--SALESFORCE. The lead data is then routed to partners for their continuous outreach and nurturing. When the lead is flagged as an SQL in our CRM, Salesforce, then the lead becomes eligible for MDF payment for performance.

To apply for MDF program, please write to marketing@edcast.com

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