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Make Every Individual a Contributor to Create a High-Performance Organization

No matter where your learning content or knowledge might be, EdCast helps your learners discover and use it.

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EdCast aggregates all your knowledge and learning content including from your LMS, intranet, external providers, your subject matter experts, and your team's preferred web-based content resources.

Curate & Create

EdCast's Machine Learning curation engine ensures that only the highest quality, most relevant and contextual content is presented to your team.



EdCast's AI-based targeting engine learns about your team members and their preferences -- and then makes continuous content and learning recommendations, which can be accessed directly where they are working (MS Teams, Slack, Salesforce et al).

Learn & Guide

Facilitate application usage with step-by-step guides (for web, mobile and desktop apps). Offer click-by-click direction with graphics, video and audio. Understand app usage with analytics. Drive adoption and ROI with push notification and in-app guides.

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Drive employee productivity with automation. Automate app workflows flawlessly with MyGuide. Reduce the number of clicks by 90% and auto-fill forms with data. Each guide is automatically enabled for automation.

Award-winning Employee Experience.

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"EdCast Expands The LXP Market With Focus On Global Upskilling"

"EdCast #1 (LXP Platform)... This is a very robust NexGen LXP, that will deliver what you want. Playlists are very good, strong content marketplace, lots of API integrations..."

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