Future-Ready Speaker Series with HPE

August 22, 2018  •  HPE HQ  •  Palo Alto, CA


It doesn’t get better than this.

Watch the full keynote session delivered by Josh Bersin, Founder of Bersin by Deloitte. Josh is known for being ahead of the learning and development game. He brings the data and the analysis to layout where we are and where learning in the workplace is going.


Learning in the Flow of Work (37:29)

How does HPE stay on top?

Watch the a short clip from the presentation of Adrian Stevens, VP, Learning and Professional Development – Talent Enablement at HPE discussing the value of Learning to to Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He pulls back the covers to show the thought and strategy behind HPE’s investment in their employees and the future of their business.


Future Readiness at HPE (3:32)

What does a digital learning solution look like at HPE?

Watch the two short clips from the presentation of Kevin Metsers, Global Program Manager, Learning discussing how Hewlett Packard Enterprise defines their learning and development strategy. He lays down the details about how they framed their learning goals, what they measured, what “Democratization of Learning” means, and what decisions that led the HPE team to make to drive toward being future-ready.


Future Readiness at HPE – Kevin Metsers: Part 1 (3:13)

Future Readiness at HPE – Kevin Metsers: Part 2 (4:08)

How a does a company like Schneider Electric make a digital learning transformation?

Watch the video from the presentation of Manisha Singh, Global Director, HR Systems at Schneider Electric as she breaks down the journey the company has embarked on to ensure the workforce is future-ready. She shares actual feedback from her teams about how they review, react to and ultimately adopt learning technology. Listening to real people deal with real work problems help give Schneider Electric an edge in addressing their workforce’s learning needs.


Enabling the Digital (5:23)


Interested in modern learning and how others have implemented it? At the Future-Ready Speaker Series with HPE, we featured visionary thinkers, like Josh Bersin, who are changing the learning and knowledge sharing landscape for the better. Focused on the perspective of senior leaders and executives, you will hear real success stories about modern learning and the changing landscape of learning and knowledge-sharing. Topics will include: lifelong learning, upskilling, reskilling, continuous learning, as well as the role of technology in that journey.

Because this event was such a HUGE success, we will be announcing more dates for the Future-Ready Speaker Series.

Join us at our 4th Annual Future-Ready-Workforce Summit taking place as a co-located event at DevLearn in Las Vegas Oct. 23rd. Don’t miss out – Registration now open.

Keynote Speakers

Get relevant information about learning challenges from experts.


Meet and talk with some of the most recognizable leaders in learning.


See new technology changing the way people learn and share knowledge.

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