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    Learning Health Index

    Organizations face the challenge of measuring their collective learning ability with several models to choose form. LHI offers a standardized model to assess, evaluate, benchmark and build a learning plan to outperform competition. Do not miss this opportunity to participate in this study to benchmark the industry on a global scale.

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    Global Experts Panel

    A combined century of experience across L&D, M&A, HR and Talent development at blue chips and startups, our panel of experts bring real-world and proven solutions to meet the most pressing challenges of the day. Learn from not only our expertise but current expertise from our large roster of global customers that face the same challenges.

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    Diversity and Inclusion

    Start the new year by overcoming common challenges in building a inclusive workspace. We bring together business, engineering and marketing leaders to share the benefits of a inclusive workplace. Bonus: Attendees will receive a special content package from Syntrio and Lawpilots just for attending.

    Webinar | Jan 27, 2021 | 11:00 am EST.

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    Common Questions


    Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking, we can get on with creating the future.

    Jimmy Bertrand

    Much of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to work.

    Peter Drucker

    Stay in Touch

    We promise to share our experience over a series of blogs over the course of the year. We are bound and committed to build-on and expand the universe of human knowledge in the field of professional learning. We are always happy to connect, learn from your experience and help you share your learnings with the community.