Artificial Intelligence & Big Data is witnessing growing importance for companies to boost efficiency, improve flexibility, accelerate processes and even enable self-optimizing operations. These emerging technologies are highly influencing decision making at enterprise level thereby mitigating market risks and enhancing customer experience to support change management.

Preparing the marketplace; futureskills organizes an exclusive invite-only summit on Artificial Intelligence & Big Data to:

  • Get future perspective from leaders across verticals
  • Align the vision of IT professionals to be future-ready
  • Bring together the tech-community to enable faster dissemination of knowledge


Debjani Ghosh, President, NASSCOM

Being at the crossroads of a future that involves adoption of emerging technology, one has to ask some hard questions:

Did we choose the right path that caters to both innovation and growth?
Have we identified potential areas of weakness and risk, and their intended effects?
How can we secure lasting and sustainable growth? How do we produce long-term value creation?
Are we taking our people with us… Ensuring they have the roadmap as clear as it is in our heads?

Watch as Debjani Ghosh takes us through the answers and talks about the urgency with which business leaders and professionals need to plan and well in advance to ensure we make a successful Indian story!

Anurag Seth, VP & Head – Talent Transformation, Wipro

Technological advancement as a way forward is not a new approach for businesses. Companies in the past have worked extensively on innovation, using and adopting machines, but the transition as we see now has shifted gears of its focus from being company-centric to being people and customer centric. Beyond simply delivering solutions, companies in the IT sector are instead looking at how they are delivering value by stepping out of their comfort zone.

Watch video #1 as Anurag Seth takes us through his vision of how organizational priorities need to be matched with that of its people.

In video #2, watch as Anurag Seth from Wipro takes us through his perception of FutureSkills; about how it is all about expertise and mindset. Given the promising scale of emerging technologies and the way they are poised to increase productivity and efficiency, it is no secret that our current pool of IT professionals, college graduates and youth have to be exclusively skilled and trained.

Ramswaroop Mishra, AI & ML Practice Leader, Service Transformation at Wipro Limited

We have been cautioned against gaps in knowledge and underlined the need to fill such gaps; In this video, Ramswaroop Mishra personally urges for further progress in skill-learning to ensure enterprises are able to conquer the risks involved in technological advancements and satisfy changing customer requirements at the same time.

New forms of technology, including automation, have changed business models and the nature of jobs. In future, talent is clearly going to be a differentiator and investments in up/reskilling will notably influence decision makers and policy makers.

Prof. Dinesh Kumar, Chair, Data Centre and Analytics Lab IIM Bangalore

Watch as Professor Dinesh Kumar talks about Pattern recognition being the key aspect in data. While it is closely related to artificial intelligence and machine learning, together with applications such as data mining and knowledge discovery in databases (KDD), systems can be trained to label data, and deal with unlabeled data with the help of algorithms.

But given that Artificial intelligence has come a long way. Today, it is more than a new, old hype as it is forging ahead to transform how businesses operate and thus reshape the way humans work. Still, public understanding of its concepts is limited and the impact on the way we understand our world today is currently being debated intensely.

Change Management as a gateway between development and deployment of emerging technologies

Businesses triggering the 4th Industrial Revolution are innovating rapidly and continuously implementing improvements. They are on the constant lookout for advancements that lets them work smarter, move faster, and ultimately take advantage of every opportunity before the competition beats them to it.

To this end, ‘Change Management’ has become that constant force that equates the associated risks and potential business disruptions to ensure a seamless transition from development to deployment. Watch as business leaders talk about best practices when enabling change management within their organization.

Readying the workforce for the 4th industrial revolution

Technology change positions us on the brink of a 4th Industrial Revolution affecting how we live and work. These advances will create great opportunities, deliver new efficiencies, and support our performance – freeing us up to innovate in new ways. In this new world we are all “digital citizens” and need to develop new, broader based technical skills and understanding to keep pace with change. The pace of change is so rapid, learning is becoming the “way we work”.

Watch this video to understand how learning leaders from different industries are addressing challenges associated to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Krishnakumar Natarajan, Executive Chairman, Mindtree

NASSCOM FutureSkills has taken it upon themselves and made a commitment to the industry and society, to build its skills and become the global hub for talent in the emerging technologies.

Keeping that in mind and looking at how the global landscape has changed, it is important for evolve fast when it comes to capability building. While we have underscored the exposure and associated challenges of change management, we also need to recognize that the only way to make progress is with an integrated approach that prepares our workforce for upcoming time and technology.

In this video, Krishnakumar talks about how he feels to be witnessing this skilling commitment made by the IT industry and entire partner ecosystem of FutureSkills. This will enable building a workforce of tomorrow in a dynamic way that spheres complimentary to ever evolving business requirements.

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