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Integrating Upskilling & Learning Directly into Workplace from Facebook Using EdCast

Start date: November 19, 2020

Start time: 10 am PT/ 1 pm ET

Location: Online


On November 19, 2020, join EdCast and Workplace from Facebook for our webinar entitled “How Companies are Integrating Upskilling & Learning Directly in to Workplace from Facebook Using EdCast,” which will include specific real-world examples from our joint customer India Infoline (IIFL).

In this webinar, our speakers will highlight:

  • How companies are using Workplace and EdCast to improve and enhance employee collaboration and knowledge-sharing even across remote and highly-distributed teams
  • How easy it is for companies already using Workplace to add upskilling and corporate learning to meet key skills gaps by simply adding EdCast
  • How quick and efficient it is for companies to use Workplace and EdCast to meet their rapidly-changing skilling needs
  • How upskilling and corporate learning are changing in 2020-21 and beyond in a post-pandemic new normal

Thank you for joining us. Click here to watch the full webinar recording.

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