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Learning Content Webinar

This free webinar covers:

  • What are the key trends reshaping content formats?
  • How can organizations begin to adopt (and adapt) new ways of creating and delivering content?
  • How has EMC changed their mindset about content formats to better meet learner and business needs?

Learn how to empower your team to succeed through daily micro-learning.

Business demands and learning behavior are evolving faster than organizations’ approaches to learning and development (L&D). Many L&D teams are making progress, but it has been mostly piecemeal. A noticeable disconnect still exists between what employees and department heads (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, Field Operations etc.) want and need to drive high performance and what learning professionals provide.

The stakes are significant. What and how people learn has a substantial impact on both individual and organizational capabilities – but it will not be an easy fix. Adopting new approaches to learning will prompt L&D departments to operate in new, different, and sometimes uncomfortable ways that ultimately can empower high performance across the organization.

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