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WEBINAR: Talent Experience & Career Mobility with Fuel50 & EdCast

By Boshra Miarkiani | February 25, 2021

Thanks for joining us-fuel50 webinar

Thank you for joining Fuel50 and EdCast for this informative where we discuss how winning organizations are adopting these strategies in building the workforces of the future.

In this webinar our speakers discussed:

  • How talent experience is changing across the organization and in the hire-to-retire employee lifecycle
  • How organizations can future-proof their workforce by offering improved talent experience and self-direct career mobility
  • How to help employees stay engaged, learn and develop new skills

Our speakers for this event included:

  • Anne Fulton, CEO/Founder, Fuel50
  • Dr. Stacey Boyle, VP of Solution Consulting, EdCast

And moderator:

  • Philip Levinson, Vice President of Marketing, EdCast

To learn more about how organizations are using EdCast to integrate upskilling and learning directly into their Flow of Work, email us at marketing@edcast.com.

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