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Webinar: Setting Up the Business Case to Build a Better Learner Experience

By EdCast Team | September 1, 2018

Webinar: Setting Up the Business Case to Build a Better Learner Experience

Is the information your team needs to outperform the competition changing faster than you can keep up? Is discovering worthwhile learning content becoming more difficult due to the sheer volume of materials readily available today? Can your learners and content development teams keep up?  How is this impacting your business?

The traditional learning and development model is ill-suited to deal with the ‘content velocity’ challenges being faced today. Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss real life perspectives on how to identity the learner experience challenges at your organization and how to approach the development of a business case to solve this problem.

This is the first webinar of the Certificate Series: Designing the Modern Learner Experience. Jim Everidge, President and CEO at rapidLD, Marc Zolar, Principal, Content Practice at rapidLD, and Max Meadow, Managing Director, Consulting, at EdCast, will discuss:

  • The problem of content velocity, the speed with which information changes in the modern workplace
  • Key components of a business case to build a better learner experience
  • The value to the business by consistently aligning personalized content with performance needs
  • Practical examples of how to keep up with critical content needs

This entire Certificate Series is provided at no-cost. Registration automatically sign you up for all parts of the series, and grant access to the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) for the duration of the series. Don’t miss out – Click below to register today!

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