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WEBINAR: Future of Learning

By Boshra Miarkiani | December 1, 2020

Thanks for joining us - Mercer + EdCast

Thank you for joining Mercer and EdCast on Dec. 1, 2020 for an engaging and enriching discussion on the “Future of Learning.”

This discussion between industry leaders from Mercer and EdCast covered key questions around the Future of Work and ongoing transformation. Our speakers shared their thoughts and perspectives on the major dimensions impacting learning in the post-Covid world.

Our speakers for this event include:

  • Darryl Parrant, Country Business Leader | Mercer
  • Nishchae Suri, President – AMEA | EdCast

To learn more about how organizations are using EdCast to integrate upskilling and learning directly into their Flow of Work, email us at marketing@edcast.com.

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