Share your knowledge in a 10 minute video and impact our World. You could win $100,000.



Educate the World to Win


Your knowledge can change someone’s life. The Global Educator Teach-A-Thon is a bold new annual $100,000 prize competition to inspire people to impact millions of learners worldwide.


How to Enter


Create a video (up to 10 minutes) on any educational topic and live stream it from your smartphone for people across the globe to view.


Share with everyone you know to get Likes and increase your chances of winning.


Do it again. You can create as many videos as you like and upload to the GET channel on EdCast.

Ready To Get Started?


Create your account, then download the EdCast app and start live streaming. Upload to the GET channel on EdCast to be considered. It’s that simple.

Challenge info

  1. Create an account with EdCast, then download the EdCast app for iOS and Android
  2. Create a live stream video (max. 10 min.) from the app
  3. Make sure to choose the GET channel from the app, when you submit your video
  4. Add hashtags (e.g. #technology, #marketing, etc.) to identify the topic of your  video
  5. Share your video with family, friends and colleagues to get Likes
  6. You can submit as many videos as you like, but each should be unique and original and comply with the content specifications (available here)
  7. The contest runs from April 19 at 12:00pm (noon) ET and ends at 12:00pm (noon) ET on March 19, 2017
  8. Every month, the video with the most Likes will receive $1,000 and be entered into the finale
  9. The finalists, up to 11 monthly winners, will compete in the public voting finale for the grand prize of $100,000
  10. The finale runs from 12:00pm (noon) ET March 21, 2017 and ends at 12:00pm (noon) ET on April 19, 2017
  11. For a complete list of rules and guidelines, click here

Anyone passionate about learning is welcome to participate at no cost.

The person whose video gets the most Likes will win the top prize of $100,000. 


See Video Entries


Educators from across the World are entering the Global Educator Teach-A-Thon. Check out the latest entries.


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