Webinar: Upskilling, Reskilling, and the Future of Workplace Learning

Future Workplace 2018 Webinar

WEBINAR – Upskilling, Reskilling, and the Future of Workplace Learning

Register for this webinar on Wed., May 2 at 10a PT / 1p ET for an interactive session that will cover the key issues around upskilling and reskilling your employees, the value to your organization and what upskilling means for the future of the workplace.

We will examine how the future workplace will be significantly different. The World Economic Forum predicts that over a third of skills considered important today will be obsolete in just five years. It is time to get serious about upskilling the workforce and to tackle the demands of the future to remain competitive. To be successful, we need a whole new perspective on learning and development in order to effectively prepare employees.

This topical webinar will be led by Jeanne Meister, Founding Partner at Future Workplace, and Becky Willis, Vice President of Enterprise Engagement at EdCast.

Key points that will be discussed:

  • Future-focused skill development
  • Upskilling and Reskilling techniques
  • Trends influencing the future workplace
  • Technology that is changing how learn and share knowledge
  • Global efforts to fill skill gaps


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Knowledge Series: Upskilling the Workforce in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Knowledge Series Banner

Knowledge Series: Upskilling the Workforce in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The evolution of the new technologies means that the nature of work is rapidly changing and it is going to look dramatically different from what we know of it today. It is time to get serious about upskilling the current workforce and enable future-focused skill development for organisations and employees who want to lead their way through the 4th industrial revolution.

EdCast invites you to be a part of the Knowledge Series 2018 with the stalwarts of the HR and L&D space. Here’s the lineup:

Event Featuring Date/Time Interested?
Tweetchat @HarlinaSodhi @AbhijitBhaduri
@shergillprithvi @sundertrg @robertsonpattys
12th April at 7:00 pm IST Follow
Webinar Harlina Sodhi of IDFC Bank &
Nishchae Suri of KPMG
19th April at 3:00 pm IST Register
3 City Tour –
CLO Roundtable & more
Venue Date/Time
Bangalore 17th May at 3:00 pm IST Register
Delhi 24th May at 3:00 pm IST Register
Mumbai 31st May at 3:00 pm IST Register

The events will focus on the reasons why it is imperative for corporations to enable learning that is designed to meet the upskilling needs of the future and positions the workforce to lead the organisation through the fourth industrial revolution.

The presenters will interact with participants and discuss the following:

  1. What does the 4th Industrial Revolution mean to each one us?
  2. How can the workforce lead organisations through the 4th industrial revolution?
  3. What changes will the gig economy and tsunami bring to us?

CLO Roundtable

Join us for a webinar on Thur., April 19, at 3p – 4p IST with Harlina Sodhi, Senior Executive Vice President of HR at IDFC Bank, and Nishchae Suri, Partner and Head KPMG Academy, to learn more about “Upskilling the Workforce in the 4th Industrial Revolution.” The session is designed to discuss approaches that will enable future-focused skill development and learning for organisations and employees who want to lead their way through the churn and flux of the 4th industrial revolution… and come out winners!

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We look forward to your participation in the Knowledge Series 2018. Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with leaders who are helping companies raise the bar for learning & development. Let’s start the discussion with the tweetchat on 12th April at 7:00 pm IST. Follow @EdCast for more details.


Webinar: Upskilling the Workforce in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Upskilling 4th Revolution

WEBINAR – Upskilling the Workforce in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Register for this timely webinar on Thur., April 19, at 3p – 4p IST for an interactive session that will prepare you for the future of work, learning, and skill development!

We have all heard about the future of work and how it is going to look dramatically different from what we know of it today. It is no surprise then that the World Economic Forum predicts that over a third of skills considered important in today’s workforce will become obsolete in just five years. It is time to get serious about upskilling the current workforce quickly to be able to tackle the demands of the future head on. Not only that, we are also going to need a whole new approach to learning and development in order to be effective in this endeavour.

EdCast is here to help you successfully prepare your workforce with the skills necessary to be succeed. Join us for a webinar with Harlina Sodhi, Senior Executive Vice President of HR at IDFC Bank, and Nishchae Suri, Partner and Head KPMG Academy, to learn more about “Upskilling the Workforce in the 4th Industrial Revolution.” The session is designed to discuss approaches that will enable future-focused skill development and learning for organisations and employees who want to lead their way through the churn and flux of the 4th industrial revolution… and come out winners!

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Webinar: Optimizing Salesforce: 4 Ways Enterprises are Closing Opportunities Faster

PandaDoc 2018 Webinar

WEBINAR – Optimizing Salesforce: 4 Ways Enterprises are Closing Opportunities Faster Than Ever in 2018

Register for this webinar on Wed., April 18, at 10a PT / 1p ET.

Need to get more out of Salesforce? Do you have new team members that need to ramp to sales faster? Have you wondered what could be done to close your Salesforce opportunities faster? Register for this webinar to discuss the answers to these questions and more, so you can optimize Salesforce to exceed your unique business needs.

Join Dan Levinschi, Vice President of Marketing at PandaDoc, and Philip Levinson, Vice President at EdCast’s GuideMe, as they discuss how to easily optimize your Salesforce environment to support your sales efforts and close deals faster. PandaDoc is known for their software that empowers sellers to easily connect and transact with their customers through dynamic, personalized documents that build meaningful customer relationships and win more business. EdCast’s GuideMe provides tools for users to easily and securely create in-app guides for your enterprise Human Capital Management (HCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) business applications.

PandaDoc and GuideMe together will provide unique solutions for closing Salesforce opportunities faster that you will not want to miss, including:

  • Increase sales productivity by creating proposals and contracts without leaving Salesforce
  • Gain deeper visibility into the bottom half of the sales cycle to move a deal through the pipeline faster
  • Cut Salesforce training time and costs by 1/3 with real-time guides
  • Boost CRM efficiency with customized enterprise-wide Salesforce instances

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EdCast Launches ContentExchange for Enterprise and Nationwide Workforce Upskilling

Global Learning

EdCast Launches ContentExchange for Enterprise and Nationwide Workforce Upskilling

Learning and development content providers can now connect with Global 2000 companies and international organizations through EdCast’s new ContentExchange platform.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — March 15, 2018 — EdCast is pleased to announce that it has launched a new marketplace for corporate learning content providers to reach leading global organizations with information and resources for rapid upskilling called the ContentExchange.

EdCast, known for its award-winning AI-powered Knowledge Cloud for unified discovery, knowledge management and personalized learning has now launched the ContentExchange,  the world’s largest enterprise market for knowledge and learning materials. Partners in the ContentExchange come from EdCast’s partnerships with leading global content providers, including edX.org, Regis Group, Harvard ManageMentor, Mandel Communications, Intuition, and many others.

EdCast’s advanced AI-driven infrastructure provides personalized, automatically-delivered content insights relevant for users. ContentExchange users benefit from a very unique learning experience as a result of optimized content supported by revolutionary AI to maximize relevance and timeliness.

A featured partner included in the launch of the ContentExchange is edX, the leading online learning platform founded by Harvard University and MIT. EdX is committed to providing access to high-quality educational content to everyone, everywhere. Through this partnership, EdCast and edX are providing learning content that meets the demands of today’s modern workplace and that has the power to transform lives and improve careers.

“Connecting employees with the right learning content is critical for companies to remain competitive,” says Lee Rubenstein, Vice President of Business Development at edX. “edX is proud be one of EdCast’s ContentExchange partners, making our unique library of valuable content available to the marketplace, so we can continue to provide innovative solutions in meeting corporate learning needs.”

“Having access to the right content in innovative ways across multiple platforms allows companies to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing environment,” says Karl Mehta, Founder and CEO of EdCast. “We launched the ContentExchange to provide a marketplace for leading global organizations to upskill their team members, allowing them to discover and connect with leading content providers from around the world.”

EdCast is also pleased to be included in LinkedIn Learning Solution’s Integration Partner Program.

Founded in 2014, EdCast has offices in Mountain View, CA, Mumbai and Indore, India, and the New York, NY area. EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud, Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and GuideMe clients include Accenture, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell EMC, Walmart and McDonald’s, among many others. EdCast recently announced partnerships with the World Economic Forum (announcement) and NASSCOM (announcement) regarding separate initiatives to be the Knowledge Cloud provider facilitating breakthrough global upskilling initiatives targeting millions of learners around the globe. A few EdCast awards that were received recently include the Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for excellence in the Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program category and the #1 Learning Tech Innovator of 2017 by Talented Learning.

The ContentExchange can be accessed by anyone at no cost at https://ed.edcast.com/contentexchange/.

About EdCast
EdCast is the AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud solution for workforce upskilling, including unified discovery, personalized learning and knowledge management across the enterprise. Its award-winning platform is used globally by Fortune 500 companies and government organizations to solve the discovery, curation and recommendation problems of content fragmentation across external, internal and tacit knowledge sources. EdCast’s solutions include its Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and GuideMe’s multi-language in-app content authoring solution.

Webinar: 4 Keys to Maximizing Customer Success for SaaS Customers

Gainsight SaaS Customers

WEBINAR – 4 Keys to Maximizing Customer Success for SaaS Customers

Register for this webinar on Thur., March 29 at 11a PT / 2p ET.

Leading SaaS (Software as a Service) companies understand a critical area for driving revenue growth today: Customer Success. Software businesses that grow fast do so as a result of strong land-and-expand business models that depend on upselling and growing business from existing clients. What can your company do to measure and maximize Customer Success? What metrics are best? What are four key “Must Do” techniques companies can adopt to to quickly drive improvements?

Join Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, and Phil Levinson, Vice President at EdCast’s GuideMe, as they discuss maximizing customer success with critical steps and processes designed specifically for SaaS organizations. Both Nick and Phil have written extensively on customer success and sales-related topics, and this webinar will showcase the most current best practices.

Nick Mehta’s book: Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue

Discussion topics include:

  • The most critical step needed for strong customer success outcomes
  • Scaling customer communications
  • Using online and in-app training to enhance customer success
  • Measuring customer success improvements

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NASSCOM Partners with EdCast to Launch FutureSkills Platform to Upskill 2M IT Workers

Technology Upskilling

NASSCOM Partners with EdCast to Launch FutureSkills Platform to Upskill 2M IT Workers

The National Association of Software and Services Companies, known as NASSCOM, has announced an exciting initiative called FutureSkills to re-skill and upskill the global IT workforce, targeting millions of workers in India and around the world. The initiative is backed by member firms, including Boston Consulting Group, TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Genpact, Google, Quatrro, NIIT, Wipro, Microsoft ITC Infotech among others, and is powered by EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud platform.

NASSCOM, a not-for-profit industry association established in 1988, is the apex body for the IT industry in India, an industry that continues to make a great contributions to India’s GDP, exports, employment, infrastructure and global visibility. NASSCOM’s more than 2,200 members constitute 90% of the Indian IT industry’s revenue and have enabled the association to spearhead initiatives at local, national and global levels, including FutureSkills.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the platform via video conference during the inaugural session of the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT)-2018.

The industry body also signed an MOU with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to provide financial support and strengthen the reskilling initiatives. Minister for IT and Law, Ravi Shankar Prasad, declined to specify the quantum of financial support but stressed that the project was important for the country.

“Even if a technology destroys ten jobs, it will create 100 jobs. This reskilling platform will help manage that transition,” Minister Prasad said at a press conference. He highlighted the need to manage such skill transitions in a manner that causes the least disruption.

As newer technologies begin to account for as much as a quarter of Indian IT’s revenue, companies have been focused on attempting to retrain employees whose skills might otherwise become obsolete.

EdCast, known for its award-winning Knowledge Cloud for unified discovery, knowledge management and personalized learning experience, was selected as the platform to power the FutureSkills initiative. Its advanced AI-driven infrastructure provides personalized, automatically-delivered content and insights, relevant for users accessible on any device. EdCast’s solution will reach the growing market need for technology-focused upskilling. EdCast was also recently selected to be the knowledge and learning platform powering another upskilling initiative launched with the World Economic Forum in Davos announced last month.

Webinar: Upskilling for Digital Transformation

Brandon Hall Digital Transformation

WEBINAR – Upskilling for Successful Digital Transformation

Register for this webinar on Wed., March 7 at 10a PT / 1p ET.

As organizations undergo digital transformation of processes, procedures and protocols, one part is often missing: people. There is so much focus on the tools and technologies required to make this shift and what it means for the business, but companies are finding themselves with skills gaps in order to make the most of the transformation.

Learning and HR departments should be stepping up in a couple of ways. First, companies need a strategy to upskill their people for a new digital environment. Second, learning and HR teams need to undergo this transformation as well, acquiring new skillsets that keep them ahead of the curve.

Join David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, and Becky Willis, Vice President of Enterprise Engagement from EdCast as they discuss the impact digital transformation will have on learning and HR, both from a delivery and strategy perspective.

Discussion topics include:

  • Digital transformation
  • Upskilling the workforce
  • Digitizing learning
  • New learning skills and tools

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Webinar: From Micro Credentials to Master’s Degrees

edX webinar Micro-credentials

From Micro-credentials to Master’s Degrees: How Technology is Transforming Corporate Learning Solutions

Technology is profoundly changing the way we live, work, learn, and share knowledge. As traditional university degree programs transcend the classroom and are digitally available to learners around the world, enterprises too must move beyond reliance on classroom-based, instructor-led “training” and inconsistent user experiences.  By leveraging online, digital learning platforms and content designed for busy, mobile people, enterprises can boost engagement, learning, and sharing at scale, while also improving the ROI on learning investments.  

Join us on Feb. 28 at 11a PT/2 p ET for a discussion on how learning technology is changing the face of business and how you can best incorporate online learning into your organization.  Led by Lee Rubenstein, edX’s Vice President of Business Development, learn about how micro-credentials are important to self-directed learning environments and how to best maximise their value.

Patty Robertson, Chief Knowledge Officer at EdCast, will join Lee to discuss today’s technology that is fueling learning transformation and personalized learning initiatives driven by AI for any organization.

Discussion topics include:

  • The promise of digital learning and how technology can transform people development making it easier to discover, access, upskill, earn credentials, and share knowledge
  • What are micro-credentials and how to maximize their value?
  • How to build & fuel adoption of a digital learning ecosystem
  • How to get started in your organization

Register for this information-packed webinar to review these concepts in more detail.

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WEF Announces Partnership with EdCast to Upskill Global Workforce

World Economic Forum Announces Partnership with EdCast to Upskill Global Workforce

1 Million Workers Targeted in Tech-Reskilling Drive

  • First ever IT industry initiative to bring competitive training content together on one platform to serve the greater good
  • Initiative targeting 1 million people for training and resource opportunities on the World Economic Forum SkillSET portal
  • For more information, visit weforum.org

 Davos, Switzerland, 23 January 2018 – The World Economic Forum launched the IT Industry Skills Initiative to meet the global skills gap challenge and address job displacement arising from automation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The initiative is committed to reaching 1 million people with resources and training opportunities on the SkillSET portal by January 2021.

The initiative was conceived by the Forum’s IT Governors community under the chairmanship of Chuck Robbins, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cisco. The founding partners are Accenture, CA Technologies, Cisco, Cognizant, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Infosys, Pegasystems, PwC, Salesforce, SAP and Tata Consultancy Services.

“We need responsive solutions and coordination from all parts of society – governments, citizens and private industry alike – to re-envision an educational system based on lifelong learning that can fully prepare workers for the jobs of the future,” said Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum. “This initiative is a clear example of industry leaders taking concerted, collective action to address a major social challenge at scale.”

According to a World Economic Forum report on workforce reskilling, one in four adults reported a mismatch between the skills they have and the skills they need for their current job. Therefore, enabling and empowering workers to transform and update their skills is a key concern for businesses and societies across the globe.

“In our dynamic world, technology has opened up many avenues for growth. However, we are also seeing how innovations such as artificial intelligence and automation can impact the workforce. It is important for all of us to recognize that without the talent we need, none of us would be successful,” said Chuck Robbins, Chairman and CEO, Cisco. “This initiative brings together the capabilities and strengths of all of our companies to help educate the high-skilled workers needed for jobs now and into the future. It is our obligation to make sure that people with jobs across every industry are given the means to learn new skills and remain competitive.”

The coalition has created a free platform of online tools to streamline the process of reskilling adults. The initial iteration of the portal will be available in April 2018.

To empower people to address fast-changing skill requirements, initiative partner companies are opening up key elements of their individual training libraries into one centralized portal. Users will have access, free of charge, to the most up-to-date, self-paced training materials from leading global IT companies, ranging from general business skills to introductory digital literacy to more advanced topics such as cybersecurity, big data or internet of things. The portal will offer a tailored Skills Assessment, developed by PwC, and based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution skills research, to help users determine which coursework and/or learning pathways best fit their current skillset and learning goals.

In creating this platform, the coalition hopes to recast continued education to a more engaging, ongoing and educationally reaffirming experience. They also hope to motivate adults of all backgrounds to use the platform, especially those from low-resource communities or under-represented groups who have historically had less access to the IT industry. SkillSET is hosted on the award-winning EdCast AI-powered Knowledge Cloud platform, accessible to anyone using desktop or mobile versions.

The coalition, which continues to add members, will be working over the next few months to develop tools and processes intended to address many of the barriers that prevent adults from reskilling or successfully completing trainings. The initiative will initially target the US market, with plans to scale to other geographies and build industry and public-sector partnerships in 2018 and beyond. Under the chairmanship of Mike Gregoire, Chief Executive Officer, CA Technologies, the coalition will report on progress at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019.

The World Economic Forum’s 48th Annual Meeting will take place on 23-26 January 2018 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. Three thousand leaders from around the world will gather in a collaborative effort to shape the global, regional and industry agendas, with a commitment to improve the state of the world.

The Annual Meeting brings together governments, international organizations, business, civil society, cultural leaders, media, foremost experts and the young generation from all over the world, at the highest level and in representative ways. For further information, click here.

Founding Partners Speak Out:

Pierre Nanterme, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Accenture: “People need innovative ways to learn new skills in order to remain relevant and adaptive as the pace of technology change accelerates. For example, AI offers enormous opportunities for growth, but success will increasingly depend on humans collaborating with intelligent technologies. By accessing a broad range of ‘new skilling’ techniques, people will be better placed to work with machines and help businesses pivot to new growth models.”

Michael Gregoire, Chief Executive Officer, CA Technologies: “Technology is both the tool and the canvas and carries the huge promise of improving how we live and work. The counter side, however, is some degree of wariness by those who fear it disrupting their livelihoods, which is both understandable and expected. We are focused on a large-scale, proactive solution that encourages continuing education to empower and inspire today’s and tomorrow’s workforce. We must engage with technology in a way that creates new opportunities, both at an individual level and in the aggregate.”

Francisco D’Souza, Chief Executive Officer, Cognizant Technology Solutions: “The workplace issue of the 21st century is a worldwide shortage of qualified technology talent driven by a massive skills gap, which we must address together on a global scale. The pace of technological change has education systems struggling to keep up in delivering learning experiences that are relevant, immersive and readily available as workers seek to expand their skills. The future of talent development depends on new models, ways of thinking and initiatives like this one that engage individuals as lifelong learners and provide them with opportunities for continuous reinvention.”

Salil Parekh, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Infosys Ltd: “Our relevance, in an increasingly digital future, will depend on our ability to learn and evolve lifelong at the pace of technology. Democratizing digital literacy is an essential first step to make technology a force for good that moves us all forward.” 

Alan Trefler, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pegasystems Inc.: “Throughout history, we’ve seen technological advancement bring both opportunities and challenges as society adapts. With technology so central to how we live and work today, it’s critical that we enable people to acquire the skills required to be successful and to help society move forward in a positive direction.

Robert E. Moritz, Global Chairman, PwC International, PwC: “All over the world, people are asking themselves how they are going to prepare for their future, whether it’s a new job, new responsibilities, or needed new skills. By working together across the public and private sectors, our hope is to enable new opportunities for people to carve their own paths, develop new skills, and future-proof themselves. By sharing our Skills Assessment, we believe more people around the world will be empowered to learn and grow professionally throughout their lives.”

Keith Block, Vice-Chairman and President, Salesforce.com Inc.: “As the Fourth Industrial Revolution spurs incredible innovation, it is our responsibility as business leaders to ensure that the benefits created by this opportunity – now and in the future – are accessible to all.”

Bill McDermott, Chief Executive Officer, SAP: “Our focus on building digital skills will unleash amazing potential in dreamers from all backgrounds. Instead of fearing automation, we should be optimistic about the exciting possibilities when people and machines work together. Bigger than artificial intelligence, we are entering a new frontier of ‘augmented humanity’.”

Rajesh Gopinathan, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd: With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, enterprises are leveraging the combined effect of emerging technologies to transform their businesses. Employees will also have to transform their skills and adopt newer ways of working to participate in today’s opportunities that are as enormous as in any of the previous generations. It is important for enterprises to make investments in reskilling and upskilling employees and prepare them for digital-age careers.”

Watch Marc Benioff, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Salesforce.com Inc., Elton John, Singer, Composer and Founder, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Chuck Robbins, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cisco Systems Inc.Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Schneider Electric, Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, IBM Corporation, Jes Staley, Group Chief Executive Officer, BarclaysBruce Broussard, President and Chief Executive Officer, Humana Inc., Ruth Porat, Senior Vice-President; Chief Financial Officer, AlphabetHiroaki Nakanishi, Executive Chairman, Hitachi Ltd, and many, many more influential leaders speak on the most urgent challenges the world is facing.

Visit the World Economic Forum site for more details.